# Prototype

Making ideas tangible and experienceable.

# Summary

During the transition from the ideation phase to the prototype phase, the most promising ideas must be selected from the large number of ideas. Various ideas can also be combined in the process. In order to check whether the ideas fit the needs of the users, they are prototypically realized and thus made tangible and experienceable. Different methods can be used: for digital prototypes, prototyping tools can be used. Analog prototypes are often built more quickly with e.g. paper, pencils, Lego, plasticine, etc.. Sketches, storyboards or videos are also possible forms of realization. It is recommended to build a simple prototype with little effort in order to be able to quickly discard it if necessary.

prototype phase

# Result

One or more prototype(s) that are tested with users in the subsequent test phase.

# Questions to be answered in this phase

  • What could the idea look like?
  • How could it work?