Design Thinking Methods Catalogue

A curation of high-quality and helpful design thinking methods

Design Thinking Process

# Empathise

  • 5 Whys: Be a child again for a moment and ask for the deeper meaning of everything.
  • 6 W Method: Ask basic questions to get a fundamental understanding of the issue.
  • Emotional Journey Map: Understanding the emotional roller coaster of the user.
  • Interviews: Ask the right people the right questions.
  • Mindmapping: Drawing the mental map on paper.
  • Shadowing: Follow the people and their actions inconspicuously.
  • Search field determination: Become familiar with the problem - from several perspectives.

# Define

# Ideate

  • 6-3-5 Method: 6 participants, 3 proposals, 5 rounds and plenty of ideas.
  • Bodystorming: Experience the context physically and discover new aspects.
  • Brainstorming: Quality through quantity: generating new ideas in the group.
  • Brainwriting: Brainstorming in silence.
  • Dotmocracy: Evaluate and select ideas democratically.
  • How-Wow-Now Matrix: How good are our ideas? Evaluation according to feasibility and innovation.
  • Yes, and...: Jointly pushing ideas forward.
  • Mindmapping: Drawing the mental map on paper.

# Prototype

# Test