# Empathise

# 5 Whys

Motive Achieve a common basic understanding of the situation
Participants Design Thinking team
Duration 20 to 60 minutes

# What is it about?

The 5 Why method is a simple interview technique in which you ask fpr the background of the problem. Often the apparent cause of a problem is not the real cause, but just another symptom in the same chain of problems. The interviewee should be asked several times about the "why" until one arrives at the so-called pain point.

# The goal

The aim of the method is to raise awareness of a specific problem or situation. The aim is to achieve a holistic understanding of why processes do not achieve the desired results and where changes need to be made.

# How to do it?

  1. Formulate the problem to be questioned in one sentence on the whiteboard.
  2. Answer the question about the 'why' together in the team.
  3. Write the answer in a complete sentence.
  4. Convert the previous answer into the next 'why' question.
  5. Repeat five times or until you have reached the cause of the problem.

# Resources

  • Whiteboard or flipchart

# Keep in mind

It should be noted that this method will only reveal answers and facts that are already known to the respondents. It is also important to ask the right questions and follow the right track.

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