# Empathise

# 6 W Method

Motive To get a fundamental understanding of the issue at hand.
Participants Design Thinking team
Duration 15-30 minutes

# What is it about?

In the 6 W method you ask basic questions about the situation or scenario. The questions are Who? Why? What? When? Where? How?

# The goal

By using this method, a new situation should become assessable and help the team to achieve a common basic understanding of the situation. This promotes common communication and prevents misunderstandings.

# How to do it?

  1. Formulate questions using the 6 W.
  2. Identify the people involved.
  3. Identify and list relevant actions.
  4. Identify and list all relevant locations.
  5. Identify and list critical time factors.
  6. Identify and list reasons for action.
  7. Identify and list past events.
  8. Investigate the connections and interactions between the information obtained.

# When do you need it?

The method is recommended whenever context and circumstances are fairly unknown and little information is available.

# Resources

  • Pen and paper

# Keep in mind

It should be noted that answers from individual members to the questions may be subjective. In order to form a common basis, it is necessary to communicate within the team.

# See also

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# Sources

Curedale: Design Thinking: process and methods manual Design Community College Inc. ISBN: 9780988236240.