# Test

# Testing Card

Motive Guidelines for the development of test scenarios
Participants Design Thinking team
Duration 20 minutes

# What is it about?

The Testing Card contains specific questions about the prototype and its application in the test. The testing card helps the team consider the most important factors already in the first tests and to keep them present throughout several test runs.

# The goal

The Testing Card helps you to think through and work out the test scenario for your prototype.

# How to do it?

  1. Prepare the card and, if necessary, adjust the questions according to the factors of your test scenario.
  2. Write the questions on the card: Describe your prototype in one sentence. Who is your ideal user? In what context should they imagine they are in? What type of feedback are you looking for?
  3. Answer the questions on the card before each test.
  4. Now sketch the script for your test scenario.

# When do you need it?

As soon as a prototype is ready for testing, the Testing Card helps to enter the testing phase of the design thinking process. It should be applied to each new test run.

# Resources

  • Writable cards
  • Pen

# Keep in mind

Keep the card in focus all the time and use it in further test runs.

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